AR Keramiek


Her ceramic story begins when she commences to study Contemporary Arts at PXL Hasselt in Belgium with a specialization in Ceramic Art. She graduated with clay installations within the exhibition room. As she always was interested in contemporary arts, An started to work her way up and express herself through the art of clay. This resulted fast in a few exhibitions and events where she would invite the visitor into her art.

“She starts from an architectural context (exhibition room, public space, …) which provides her with a frame in which new equilibriums are to be discovered. The clay she uses usually comes from the region in which she exhibits. Her work is generally project-based and designed for one specific space. Work and space complete each other and the interaction allows for different perspectives. Because her shapes created from clay carry an inherent subtlety, Roovers is able to play with time and visibility in an interesting way. Clay cracks and crumbles once it loses its moistness and thus becomes extremely fragile. Because of this and partly due to the interaction with visitors (the shapes are usually minimal elements positioned on the floor), the clay gradually loses its initial shape throughout the exposition. In the end only dust remains. Dust, and the ideas she will take to her next project.” (Robin Foesters)

After a few years she got more interested in the medium clay itself. The power it possesses to transfer, from mud to stone; the idea the clay creates and shows how we live ‘on’ and ‘from’ the land. These contemplations, combined with her passion for good food, evolved into An starting to create functional ware. With her technical background, she uses different techniques in her pottery like handbuilding, slibcasting, coiling and clay throwing to design unique and functional objects. She uses these techniques separately or combined.

In her work you can find her interests and fascination for nature, ancient history and tradition. For the past two years she has been traveling to England to learn the traditional technique of clay throwing. She followed several multi-day workshops with high standard craftsmen potters from the UK, like the Bernard Leach Pottery. She is always learning and always looking for new inspirations.

To be continued!